2019-2020 Lodge Officers

Lodge Chief: Coleman Hunsaker

Lodge Vice-chief: Jackson Elder

Lodge Vice-chief: Jeffrey Anderson

Lodge Vice-chief: Eli Glende

Lodge Vice-chief: Porter Kriatkowski

Lodge Vice-chief: Nathaniel DiVall

Lodge Vice-chief: Gunner Beachem

Lodge Secretary: Zarchary Michelson

Lodge Treasurer: Talmage Barney

Lodge Vigil Chief (2018-19 Lodge Chief) - Max Wolfe


Lodge Advisers

Lodge Adviser: Blair Hope 

Assistant Lodge Adviser: Russell Baker

Assistant Lodge Adviser: David Augason (2020 Coup trail Advisor)

Associate Lodge Adviser: Nate Mills

Associate Lodge Adviser: Mike Anderson

Associate Lodge Adviser: Beau DiVall

Associate Lodge Adviser: Dave Beachem

Associate Lodge Adviser: Dave Breshnahan

Associate Lodge Adviser: Bryan Paget (Treasurer) 

Associate Lodge Adviser: Bart Mickelson (Secretary)

Lodge Staff Adviser: Matthew Durrant


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