Chiefly Speaking

As we are nearing our halfway mark for the year, I’ve been reflecting on what we’ve been able to accomplish, as well as all the potential we still have. From being able to visit several of your Chapters, I’ve been able to meet with many of you, and am very happy to see the Chapters continue to grow!

Thinking back to our Summer Fellowship where I was elected to serve as your Chief continues to humble me. Since then, being able to serve you, my fellow brothers, has been a truly phenomenal experience. I am proud to serve you as your Chief, I am proud to represent El-Ku-Ta Lodge! Each of you represent our Lodge in your daily lives, to each other, and especially to me. I hope you’re able to feel the same pride and joy that so often can come through that! Brothers, those who chose you, need you.

It’s my biggest hope that all of you feel needed and wanted within our Lodge,  for we truly do need you if we are to be successful. We need our Arrowmen to begin taking the initiative like never before! While we may already be almost halfway through the year, if we begin to really take charge of our Lodge, we can improve ourselves exponentially. There is no limit to what we can accomplish, there is no “impossible” in our Lodge, we can truly accomplish whatever we set out to do. Here in the El-Ku-Ta Lodge, we only move forward.

Yours in cheerful Service,

Nathaniel Rodgers

Lodge Chief

Lodge Adviser's Message

The Summer Fellowship was amazing!  We had a high percentage of our membership attend.  There were several activities, which were a lot of fun.  Some even got a little wet thanks to Mark Larsen and his continual drive.  The Summer Fellowship staff really did a great job!  I’d like to express my many thanks to all those who put in countless hours to make the Summer Fellowship happen.

As is tradition we elected the following Lodge Officers this year:

Nathaniel Rodgers - Chief

Dalton Hope - Vice Chief

Karson Baker - Vice Chief

Matt Larsen - Vice chief

MJ Williams - Vice Chief

James Hamilton - Secretary-Treasurer

July 1st, marks the start of our year.  Overnight we dropped our membership numbers.  We need and we want all those that were with us last year to continue as a part of our Lodge.  Please reach out to all members and invite them to be a part of this amazing year.

Coup Trail is coming up on July 18th to the 23rd.  This is a great leadership course, similar to NYLT, designed for your experience as a youth arrowmen.  It ties your scouting experience together and helps you build upon it for the benefit of you, your troop, and your chapter.  This year promises to be an outstanding course!  Come and be part of Coup Trail.


Brad Mecham

Lodge Adviser

El-Ku-Ta Event Calendar

Jan 26, 2017 LECM at Alan Layton Training Lodge at Camp Tracy

Feb 23, 2017 LECM at Alan Layton Training Lodge at Camp Tracy

Mar 24-25, 2017 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Induction at the Tooele Wigwam

March Induction

Mar 25, 2016 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Brotherhood at the Tooele Wigwam

March Brotherhood 

Apr 7-8, 2017 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Induction at the Fort at Camp Tracy

April Induction

Apr 8, 2017 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Brotherhood at the Fort at Camp Tracy

April Brotherhood 

Apr 21-23, 2017 W2W Section Conclave at Carbon County Fair Grounds

Section Conclave

May 5-7, 2017 National Leadership Seminar (NLS) at Camp Tracy

More info to Come

June 1-3, 2017 Lodge Fellowship at Hinckley Scout Ranch

June 26-July 1, 2017 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Coup Trail at Hinckley Scout Ranch

More info to Come

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