Chiefly Speaking


Here we are with only a few months to go until fellowship where we will elect our new Lodge Officers. Even so, we have a lot going on between now and then. First and foremost, are our Inductions taking place this Spring. We have a wonderful opportunity before us to make these Inductions the biggest we’ve seen in years, but we can only do that through you, our fellow Arrowmen. Here in the El-Ku-Ta Lodge, we only move forward.

Along with that, we have a lot of exciting opportunities coming up including Section Conclave, NLS, Summer Fellowship, and Coup Trail. We really hope you can make it out to each of these events, but we understand that circumstances may keep you from doing so. If you need help prioritizing what to go to, or have any questions at all, please contact me or one of the other Lodge Officers. We are here to help.

At the beginning of each year, the Lodge Officers set out with one purpose in mind, “To leave the Lodge better than we have found it”. We hope that we’ve been able to leave a lasting impression these past months, and will continue to perpetuate this purpose in the last few months of our term. It’s definitely not too early to be considering running for Office in June, we need strong and capable Arrowmen that can keep our Lodge going for years to come.

Yours in cheerful Service,

Nathaniel Rodgers

Lodge Chief



I am extremely honored and humbled to be selected as the next Elkuta Lodge Advisor in the Order of the Arrow.

There is no greater honor to me, than being part of this Honor Society in the Boy Scouts of America, The Order of the Arrow. There is no better program, a boy lead program, to give leadership and character building opportunities for our Young Men.

In the spirit of clear expectation and communication, for myself and others; I would like to share few things with you: Please read the Mission, Purpose, and Vison for the Order of the Arrow.

It is my vision/mission to enable and empower young men to have confidence in leadership opportunities, build character, to be better qualified Young Men, Missionaries, Military Men, Husbands, and Fathers.  To actively engage themselves in their communities and contribute to society.

Having a group of trained Adult leaders who have caught the vison of the BSA/OA program and take it to the young men with enthusiasm and commitment to help them become better young men. Instill commitment, accountability, and responsibility.  Enable the excitement of the great outdoors and personal talent.

We will: Create fine young men, who will be contributing citizens in their communities.  Missionaries and ambassadors of our Lord and Savior.  Good husbands who will stand proud as they embrace their eternal covenants.  Strong Fathers who are willing to be a great example to their children.  Advisers who WILL make a difference!!!!!!

Blair D. Hope

Lodge Adviser

El-Ku-Ta Lodge Calendar

Aug 18-19, 2017 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Kick-Off at the Camp Tracy Lodge

Fall Kick-Off

Oct 06-07, 2017 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Induction at at the Fort at Camp Tracy

Oct Induction

Oct 07, 2017 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Weeknight Brotherhood at the Fort at Camp Tracy

Oct Brotherhood

Brotherhood Letter

October 27-28 2017, El-Ku-Ta Lodge Trade-O-Ree/Patch Auction at Camp Tracy Lodge

Patch Auction TOR

Nov 03-04, 2017 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Induction at at the Fort at Camp Tracy

Nov Induction

Nov 04, 2017 El-Ku-Ta Lodge Weeknight Brotherhood at the Fort at Camp Tracy

Nov Brotherhood

Brotherhood Letter

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